Why pay for something that nature offer free?

Geothermal energy is one of the lesser known energy sources, but also the most efficient. This manageable energy is continuously produced and stored under the surface of the earth in the form of heat at a constant temperature throughout the year. A clean energy that uses the heat from underground to produce heat ecologically, it allows savings of 75% on energy bills and reduced CO2 emissions.

It has important advantages over other renewable climate-control systems, as it is one of the few that can provide cooling, heating and domestic hot water from the same installation.

Geothermal heating or climate-control uses various systems to extract or return energy from the ground. The most widely used, because of its reliability and performance is vertical geothermal system, which involves extracting or returning heat to the earth by means of closed-circuit exchangers, working at a depth of between 80 and 150 m.

They are ideal to heat houses, houses with heated pools, whether already built or under construction, greenhouses, industrial buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, etc..