This kind of systems are composed of a geothermal heat pump and a Pellet boiler, in order to capture the energy of the soil and biomass for the production of hot water or heating, in the most efficient way at any moment.
The geothermal heat pump captures the energy of the land and yields it to the heating circuit or domestic hot water tank, in a highly efficient way.  The lower the desired temperature, the more efficient.
The pellet boiler, burns pellets and transfers the generated heat to the heating circuit or domestic hot water less efficiently than the geothermal heat pump, except for those installations in which temperatures above 60ºC are to be attained. In these situations, the heat pump loses efficiency, while the pellet boiler preserves it, thereby avoiding the use of electrical resistance by hybridizing a geothermal heat pump and a pellet boiler.
In this type of hybridizations the pellet boiler is maintained by the heat pump. The connection of the two devices must be performed in series, so that if the required temperature is below 60ºC only the heat pump operates and if the required temperature is above 60ºC It is now the boiler that operates, in order to raising the water temperature from 60ºC to the temperature required for the installation, all thanks to the precise control of the flow temperature of each equipment (Ecoforest technology).
This hybridization becomes important in those applications requiring a high production of hot water at temperatures above 60ºC. We must take it into account also, in cases where the annual average power is delivered by the heat pump, covering small peaks (in any month of the year) with a pellet boiler low-power, reducing the investment in geothermal wells, among other things.