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ECOFOREST produces Heating, Cooling and DHW in Cyprus.


ECOFOREST produces Heating, Cooling and DHW for more than 1000 students in a dormitory in Cyprus.

First installation with a continuous modulation from 25 to 600kW formed out of 6 ECOFOREST ecoGEO HP3 25-100 with reverse cycle cooling and cascade connection, managed by the Ecoforest exclusive technology for tracking the maximum efficiency range.

This installation uses water as main energy source (ground water collection), and is used to produce heating in winter, cooling in summer, and DHW of a student dormitory with capacity for more than 1.000 students in Cyprus.

Working with a COP higher than 5, it helps to obtain savings of thousands of euros per year in the energy bill, if we compare it with any other technology.


Article highlighting energy efficiency


Blienergiklok.se (Sweden) has published an article about Tone Bekkestad’s new energy efficient house. Tone is known from presenting the weather at channel TV4 of swedish television and very involved in climate matters.

She chose to install an ecoGEO C1 3-12 kW heat pump in her house for space heating and domestic hot water production. To quote her in the article: ”In my profession I want to inspire companies to make wise desicions that benefits their economy and the environment. Therefore I have to try to live by the same ideals”.



Click on the link to read the whole article (swedish):



700kW in Chile


Ecoforest and its partner Geoter launch the first geothermal installation in eucalypt greenhouses for one of the largest paper mills in Chile.

The thermal power of the installation is 700 kW, and it is consists of seven ECOFOREST geothermal pumps of 100 kw.

Flamme Verte


Ecoforest just got the “ Flamme Verte” label,  of great importance for the French market. This label is essential for government subsidies, given its high importance for the environment.

Ecoforest receives award “Carácter Empresa”


Ecoforest received the Award “Carácter Empresa”, promoted by CaixaBank and employers of Galicia for its internationalization. The firm now aims to recognize the company most international of Spain.




First ecoGEO installation in the USA


First installation with an ecoGEO heat pump in the USA. The company Ecogreen has built an installation with efficiencies close to 8 (COP 7,9). Our ecoGEO HP1 25-100 uses a solar thermal installation as primary circuit.

Ecoforest continues with its international presence.


Ecoforest takes sides and is present in major international fairs presenting our different energy solutions, both  with heat pumps and pellet stoves and boilers.
I attached the link for the Offemburg , Essen and Aveiro fairs.




Ecoforest and BIOMASA EN TU CASA


BIOMASA EN TU CASA is a traveling exhibition of equipment, solutions, and biomass facilities focused on increasing the knowledge of the thermal use for biomass users and consumers of all ages. It also offers professional solutions to decorators, rehabilitators, real estate and estate managers and communities, wanting  to provide solutions and savings to its customers.

The event is promoted and organized by the Spanish Association of biomass energy valorization  -AVEBIOM- and the Institute for Diversification and  Energy Saving,  IDAE, and of course , Ecoforest will be present

Ecoforest reduces energy cost in Mercedes Benz Dealers


The company  Enertra reports that it has completed execution, and initiated commissioning of the air conditioning with geothermal heat pump in the Mercedes-Benz dealer and repair shop in Orense. 

This is an industrial building with a useful inner surface of 4.382m2.The geothermal system consists of a vertical collection field with 16 drill holes from 90 to 130m deep, a geothermal heat pump 100kW (100 HP ECOFOREST) and a thermal emission system with high efficiency fan coils. Heating or cooling is provided on request in the premises via fan convectors.