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Newsletter Ecoforest - November 2017


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Ecoforest present in CYPE and BIM


At Ecoforest, we are committed to making our technology and geothermal energy as accessible as possible.

Our heat pumps are now available in BIM format!



Special Expobiomasa 2017


The fair Expobiomasa was celebrated last september. This event was useful to present the news for the end of this year and the beginning of 2018.

During four intense days our magnificent team moved to Valladolid to give attention at the Ecoforest stand to a large audience, national and international.

From Ecoforest we want to thank all the people for their presence and their collaboration, and for those who could not get closer to show you what happened in those days: OPEN SPECIAL

Ecoforest is awarded with the Gacela* prize


We are pleased to announce that Ecoforest received the diploma which identifies us as one of the companies in the 2017 Gacela Companies ranking. This ranking shows the new Spanish companies which showed a fastest growth in their first three years.

&What does Gacela Company mean? Gacela companies are those companies which showed a yearly growth over 20% during 3 consecutive years at least. This means...


Ecoforest, selected for the Expobiomasa 2017 Innovation Awards


The wood pellet stove NATURE by Ecoforest has been selected for the Innovation Awards of Expobiomasa 2017. It is a stove of 8 kW nominal thermal power, which uses wood pellets as fuel, whose operation is totally independent of a connection to the power grid.


Ecoforest present in Expobiomasa 2017


As we started announcing a couple of weeks ago, the greatest event in Spain regarding biomass in particular and renewable energies in general, Expobiomasa 2017, will take place next September 26th. The duration of this exhibition is four days, meaning that it will finish on September 29th. This exhibition will run around several different areas, mainly in the field of biomass.

This encounter is indeed meaningful to Ecoforest, since we will take advantage of these days to officially launch our new products. In this edition of Expobiomasa we will show and inform you about many different products which will be physically present.

This will be also a great opportunity to meet with people and partners from many different countries and several industrial areas, what is our favourite way to learn: listening and discussing about different opinions and guidelines.


The new Ecoforest headquarters will be self-sufficient


We will be able to share more details regarding the construction works which will start at the beginning of August 2017. The building will count with an effective surface of 13.500m2 where every ambit of the company will take place.

According to our innovative ideals and our commitment with the environment and the renewable energies, we designed a self-sufficient and high end installation.

Ecoforest’s new facilities will be a self-sufficient building thanks to a combination between our ground source heat pumps and the new products by Ecoforest: the E-Manager and the E-System.


Ecoforest produces Heating, Cooling and DHW in Cyprus.


ECOFOREST produces Heating, Cooling and DHW for more than 1000 students in a dormitory in Cyprus.

First installation with a continuous modulation from 25 to 600kW formed out of 6 ECOFOREST ecoGEO HP3 25-100 with reverse cycle cooling and cascade connection, managed by the Ecoforest exclusive technology for tracking the maximum efficiency range.

This installation uses water as main energy source (ground water collection), and is used to produce heating in winter, cooling in summer, and DHW of a student dormitory with capacity for more than 1.000 students in Cyprus.

Working with a COP higher than 5, it helps to obtain savings of thousands of euros per year in the energy bill, if we compare it with any other technology.

Article highlighting energy efficiency

20-10-2016 (Sweden) has published an article about Tone Bekkestad’s new energy efficient house. Tone is known from presenting the weather at channel TV4 of swedish television and very involved in climate matters.

She chose to install an ecoGEO C1 3-12 kW heat pump in her house for space heating and domestic hot water production. To quote her in the article: ”In my profession I want to inspire companies to make wise desicions that benefits their economy and the environment. Therefore I have to try to live by the same ideals”.



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