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ecogeo compact lateral en

The ground temperature is very stable throughout the year, the more the depth more stable it is, and geothermal heat pumps uses this temperature as main source of energy to produce heating in winter, cooling in summer and hot water throughout the year. Using such a clean, renewable and free energy source like this makes the geothermal heat pumps very efficient.

Ecoforest geothermal heat pump wide power range, from 1 kW up to 600 kW, covers most installations requirements. All Ecoforest heat pumps have variable speed Inverter compressors and thanks to the ecoGEO control strategy the Inverter regulates the speed of the compressor to provide the exact amount of energy the installation requires at all time, this allows to make a rational use of the energy consumed and reduces the need to install energy accumulators.

But the savings on installing a Ecoforest heat pump don't stop here, our extensive experience allowed us to make our heat pump installation quick, simple and compact, because we incorporate the circulation pumps, expansion vessels, temperature sensors, pressure sensors inside the heat pump case, also the ecoGEO controller is able to control all that is normally required in a climatization installation.

Resuming choosing a Ecoforest geothermal heat pump will reduce your energy bill, your CO2 emissions, the installation time, the space required for a regular heat pump installation and give you more control over your climatization system.

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The air-water heat pumps uses the energy contained in the air for the HVAC of any type of building. At Ecoforest we have developed the ecoAIR aerothermal heat pump that produces heating in winter, cooling in summer and hot water throughout the year with exceptional performance.

The ecoAIR is an innovative product in the market of aerothermal heat pumps, including a Scroll + EVI + Inverter compressor. And what this means? The Scroll compressor allows to reduce the noise emission and increases the overal performance of teh heat pump, the Inverter modulates the compressor power allowing the heat pump to adapt to the HAVC demands of the installation in real time, and the EVI allows to delivery power to keep high and with a high performance even when the external temperatures are very cold in winter and very hot in summer.

The Scroll EVI compressor, developed especially for heat pumps, is a new compressor model that is mainly characterized by having an intermediate stage in its operating cycle, in order to maximize its operation. The modern technology EVI re-injects gas into the compressor in an efficient way, which allows to reach higher temperatures. This technology of gas injection together with Ecoforest control strategies allows to produce water at 60°C with external temperatures of -15°C.

Resuming the ecoAIR heat pump has a wide range of operation and provides an exceptional seasonal performance (SPF) in addition to requiring very little space and a simple fully hydraulic installation.

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The energy consumption of any installation is divided intro electricity, heating and cooling, and usually the higher energy demand comes from the thermal circuits. This is why the R&D department  has developed a product that, using the potential of Ecoforest heat pumps with his Inverter technology, manages the energy storage in a more efficient way.

The energy managers ecoSMART, e-manager and e-system, manage the surplus of a renewable source through modification of the Ecoforest heat pumps parameters in real-time.

The combination of Ecoforest ecoAIR and ecoGEO heat pumps with the ecoSMART range allows net zero balance between production and consumption, making in this way your installation one of the most efficient in the world. 


The Ecoforest group was born in Vigo in 1959 at the hands of its owner and founder Mr. Jose Carlos Alonso Martínez, specializing in the heating sector. In 1993, Ecoforest became the first European manufacturer of pellets stove-boiler, bringing to the market a new, ecological and above all, economic product.

Currently, Ecoforest is the leading company in the market with the widest range of air, water and duct stoves. In 2012 Ecoforest decided to bet in another innovative technology and launched its first geothermal heat pump to the market, being the only Spanish manufacturer of this product and the most specialized in inverter technology on the planet. The R&D department of Ecoforest continues to innovate every day, in order to develop more advanced and more efficient products. Currently Ecoforest products can be found in more than 30 countries around the globe.

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